Matiki Island Barbeque fits the needs of many different types of people and demographics, allowing for a wide range of possible locations that could fit the Matiki business model. Currently, from our base location in Anaheim, California, we are franchising the Company’s operations in order to bring our famous Hawaiian barbeque to all parts of the United States.


The quick serve restaurant industry is rapidly growing and owning a Matiki allows you the perfect introduction into the Billion Dollar food industry. Being in the QSR (Quick Serve Restaurant) segment allows our meals to cost less than up-scale restaurants, but still affordable averaging around $7 -$10 per ticket. Our process & systems are streamlined to where you can run the business with minimum staff, keeping your labor down and still serve hot delicious mouth watering barbeque within a timely manner.


Our menu and product offerings are designed to scale, but still display the rich history and culture of the Hawaiian Islands. Customers from all backgrounds can enjoy a vast selection for barbeque and can also purchase signature sauces that make Matiki the most authentic Hawaiian barbeque restaurant in town. Our business is available for catering as well.

With consumers spending more cost per meal in Quick Serve Restaurant’s then they do with Fast Food, now is the perfect time to invest in a Matiki franchise. Owning a Matiki franchise franchise grants you instant access to our proven business model, exclusive recipes’ and varieties of on-going support. Partnering with us gives you a “head start” and allows you to start generating returns quicker than most QSR investments. We offer multiple franchisee benefits and remain available to support the growth of your location throughout the lifetime of our business relationship.